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Friday, August 22, 2008

Dessert du Jour...For the Love of Cupcakes

With my vacation a distant memory, it was time to put my creative hat back on and get my head back into work! My first order of business was the launch of our newest product the Tubby Time Cupcakes. For awhile, I always felt that there was something 'missing' from our bath line and then I realized it was...Cupcakes!

All of my close friends just love the fact that my hubby & I enjoy 'Tubby Time' every night. They tease us and jokingly ask if they're 'interrupting Tubby Time' when they call in the evening but we love it and have been doing it for nearly 7 years! Tubby Time is our nighttime routine where we talk about our day, plan our weekends, and basically chit chat for an uninterrupted period of time about anything and everything. So, when deciding on a name for these adorable little treats, the choice was clear!

When I told Bryan the name, he loved it and immediately bought 2, (Oh Honey! & Creamy Vanilla) to use that night! (Hey, no freebies for anyone..even family! LOL!) Needless to say, they worked like a charm and made our entire bathroom smell delicious too!

Another thing that I love about them is that they make super cute gifts! I recently gave my girlfriend a basket for her birthday and included Birthday Cake Whipped Butter, Spritzer, Lip Butter, and also included a Tubby Time Cupcake in Birthday Cake which made it even more fun and totally unique!

I love introducing new products and am always trying to come up with fun & fresh ideas that you will love as much as I do! Have an idea of an amazing product that you are searching for an think we could make is fabulous? Drop me a note and your idea may become the next hot product I devote my blog post to!

Stay Sweet & Thanks for reading!


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