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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dessert du Jour..BEWARE! Halloween is Coming!

I love my work, in part, because I enjoy the challenge of coming up with new products and especially new scent collections! 

My brainstorming sessions with Jill are endless and can go from 'drab' to 'fab' depending on the day. Sometimes our minds are completely in-sync and others, we are on completely opposite ends of the spectrum and the only thing we can agree upon is disagreeing!

So it goes with our Halloween Collection and theme for this year. I knew it had to be something spectacular to compare to last year where every scent was a best-seller and we sold every gift set we had in stock long before we expected to. It was a challenge but one we were definitely up to!

We tossed around ideas like: Horror films, Monster Mash, Trick or Treat Candy, but nothing grabbed me the way last year's collection did. Then, as I sat at my kitchen table reading the Sunday Sun-Times, I had an epiphany. Like a lightning bolt it hit me, I started scribbling notes, ideas, & scents on a scratch pad of paper and by the end of the day it was... perfected.

Excited to share the news with Jill (because I KNOW how she eats, sleeps, & breathes The Body Bakery just like I do even on Sundays) I emailed her the final concept and sat eagerly awaiting her response and approval. Her response was swift and short and she told me the next day although she absolutely LOVED the theme, names, & scents she was slightly hurt that she wasn't involved in the process. Understandably so, but when an idea strikes you, you run with it or lose it!

That's all I will divulge for now, but for all of you that have emailed us about when the Halloween Collection will be available just know, it is done, it is more fabulous than last year, and it is on its way the first week of October so... watch out!

Stay sweet & Thanks so much for reading!



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