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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Juggling Social Networking...What To Say??!

I have recently started getting requests from customers to start a Facebook page. They'll send it in the form of an email and some will even mention it in the Comments section when they are placing their order.

Now, I personally have a Facebook page for myself that I set up for friends & family. It's a wonderful tool to re-connect with old classmates, co-workers, and family around the world. But when I started getting friend requests from customers, I decided it was time to change my settings to 'Private' and set something more professional up! Here is a link to the work in progress. Feel free to become a fan or friend or whatever, I promise I will leave the settings open to anyone!:-) :

That now means we officially have a blog (you're reading it now), a Twitter account, and a Facebook page. The questions is, what the heck to write about in all of these places?!! I can barely come up with 140 characters to answer a basic Twitter question let alone having to come up with something more interesting and considerably longer in length for 2 other social sites!

Don't get me wrong, I think I have a lot to say (just ask my husband) but it's coming up with a topic after I've spent the entire day wearing at least 6 other work hats. By the time I actually sit down to work on updates, my brain switches off and my mind thinks ahead to the next day's schedule. So, I sit...and sit...and wait for inspiration to strike like a lightning bolt. Sometimes it does, and other days, no matter how hard I try...nothing.

So, forgive my absence from updating this blog as frequently as I should and feel free to email me on possible topics you'd like me to write about pertaining to our products and company. I am always happy to share insight or suggestions with my readers & customers.

Until next time...

Stay Sweet & Thanks for Reading!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Tale Of The Tortured Tootsies

Personally, I don't know anyone who's feet are as abused as mine. I just don't (ever) give 'em a break.

When I'm not running (outside or on the treadmill), I'm biking and when I'm not biking, I'm on the elliptical, and just when as I can swear I hear them begging for mercy, I keep them crammed into my Nike's (only the BEST shoes will do!) for squats, lunges, and 45-degree leg presses. So why am I shocked when I take off my shoes to find that they are dry, cracked, blistered, and swollen?!

Now believe me, I TRY and take care of them by giving them an express pedicure every 2-3 weeks to keep them visually appealing, but nooooooo that's not good enough. They look all nice and fresh for about 4 hours and then, they look as if my dog chewed on them like a bone.

So imagine my dilemma when trying to find the perfect foot balm to add to our upcoming pedicure line. Like Goldilocks with her porridge, it has to be 'Just Right'! Not too runny, not too thick, and definitely not too greasy!

It got me to thinking about you and your feet (not in a creepy way, but in an interested one!). What foot cream do you find works the best for you and why? How often do you get or give yourself a pedicure? Just curious to know. Think of it as 'Market Research' and drop me a line!

Stay Sweet and Thanks For Reading!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Dessert du Jour...Summertime Creations

Shame on me! Has it really been over 3 months since my last post here?? Well in my defense, it's because we have been SO busy that by the end of the day, my brain is too drained to think of anything interesting to write about!

Busy with what you ask? Brainstorming new product & scent ideas and have realized that there are just not enough days in the year to introduce everything that we come up with but I wanted to let you in on a sneak peek of some of the behind-the scenes creations that we are working on and then thought it would be fun to get your input on things you would like to see us create! I am not going to reveal the actual product names or provide too many details other than to just tell you of the concept so you'll have something to get excited about:

-Bath Bombs: I know many of you were heart-broken when we discontinued the Tubby Time Cupcakes, but we did so for a very good reason. While they were adorable to look at, they were a dud to use. The frosting wound up floating in the bathwater and did not dissolve which to me made it not worth the time or cost. It also was one of the only items we out-sourced and we just got word last week that the company has gone out of business. But not to worry, our new item is SO super fabulous it will blow your mind and I have just made the first trial batch a few minutes ago and know they're going to be a HUGE hit!

-Pedicure Products: Ok, I have been dragging my feet on this one (no pun intended) going back & forth on products, scents, & names but I think we've got it! Again, you will totally love the fun names and the products are outstanding both in quality & performance. We will whip those rough heels into shape!

-Designer Soaps: Totally by accident, we came up with the idea to make our best-selling Soap Cakes in fun & whimsical shapes. While the standard bar is awesome to shower with, these will be smaller, decorative shapes that are designed to sit in a soap dish next to the sink. We guarantee that anyone who goes potty & washes their hands (which we HOPE that they do!) will get a chuckle when they use them!

So, what's YOUR brainy idea? Have you seen a fun, unique, or creative product that you would like to see us carry? Do you have your own idea of a product that you think others would love to use but don't have the means to make your idea a reality? We want to hear! Send me an email at: and I promise to personally respond to each submission even if I don't think it's a winner!

I'm waiting to hear from you!:-)

Thanks for reading & Stay Sweet!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

St. Patty's Day is Coming..IRISH it was Spring!

With Winter keeping its' tight grasp on the weather, it's hard to believe that Spring is almost here! Despite the chilly temperatures outside, we decided to get in the festive, St. Patty's Day mood and create 6 delicious GREEN dessert scents for the season!

Jill & I have more fun brain-storming the scent collections and while the ideas go from 'mild' to 'wild', it's usually her Libra personality that has a tough time deciding while my Leo personality makes the final decision or it would be never-ending!

We decided to stick to traditional Irish Desserts this year rather than push the envelope with 'Red-headed Drunk' or 'Long-legged Leprechaun' that came up in our session and think you'll enjoy the wide variety of different scents that offer something for everyone!

Along with the new scents comes the return of our uber-popular but temporarily discontinued Car Cookie Charm. The artist that creates them exclusively for us was thinking of shifting her focus to other projects until we received so many emails wondering where they were, we begged and groveled until she relented! :-) We are SO happy that they're back in stock and hope to sell through them very quickly to let her know just how wonderful the customers think they are! Once you hang one in your car, you'll be hooked and never go back to that tacky cardboard tree!

We are also in the process of creating a brand new body product that should be available in the coming weeks and one we are very excited to introduce! So, be sure you're a Newsletter member to be the first to see it!

As always, we are truly grateful for your continued business and referrals. We are thrilled by your wonderful feedback, both in email & review format, and we promise to continue providing you with the outstanding products & Customer Service that you have come to expect from us. We know that you have many choices and it means a lot to us that you choose us for all of your Bath, Body,  Beauty treats!

Stay Sweet & Thanks For Reading!

Lia Schmoldt

Friday, November 7, 2008

Desser du Jour...Holidays Can Wait..Just a bit longer

As we begin to get prepared for the impending Holiday season, we struggled with the decision of whether to introduce a Fall Collection of scents or to just go straight into the Holiday theme early this month. 
With nearly all of the major retails trying to maximize their final shopping days of the year, I was surprised to hear that nearly all of them have decided to try and jump-start the frenzy by rolling out Holiday displays and sales immediately after Halloween!

Now, I don't know about your area, but I can tell you that I was just at my local Walgreens earlier today and even THEY have their Holiday aisles & decorations up! Hello, it was 76 degrees here in the Midwest just a few days ago and the LAST thing I want to be thinking about is Christmas on November 7th!  

So, I am happy ( and relieved) to tell you that our Holiday collection and update will be posted after Thanksgiving to allow everyone to enjoy the Fall and their time with their families before having to tackle massive Holiday shopping lists and crowds at the mall!

We are trying to streamline our site this season to make your experience stress-free and easy by offering value sets, limited-edition scents, and Gift Certificates for everyone on your list this year. And if you happen to want to pick up a few things for yourself at the same time, it'll be even more fun shopping with us!

Stay Sweet & Thanks For Reading!