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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dessert du Jour...Cold Weather & Warm Scents

The weather outside has taken a chilly turn over the past week. Sunday it was 85 degrees and today it was 50. I literally went from switching the thermostat from Air Conditioning to Heat overnight and it got me thinking about the reason we gravitate towards different scents throughout the year.

My friend, Lisa, recently confessed that she wears 1 fragrance and 1 fragrance only, Joop, all year long (unimaginable). Then we wound up in a debate as to whether it was pronounced 'Jupe' or 'Yope'. I researched it and confirmed, once and for all, that it was indeed pronounced 'Yope' which rhymes with "Hope'!:-)

I could never imagine it because I am one of those people who switches fragrances depending on the season. During the Summer, I prefer light, sweet, and refreshing scents that have more of a Citrus base. My Summer scents tend to include: Lemon Chiffon, Sparkling Fruit Punch, and Green Apple. But at this time of year, when it starts to get brisk outside and the leaves begin to change color here in the Midwest, I put my "Summer Scents" on the shelf and reach for my "Fall/Winter" one's. My scent selection now includes: Pumpkin Pie, Glazed Coffee Cake, and Cinnamon Buns. The warmer and spicier the scent, the more comfortable and toasty I feel!

So, if you don't already, why not try changing your fragrance this Fall to something you wouldn't normally wear? Go for Spicy & Sexy rather than Sweet & Fruity. You might be surprised at the reaction of people around you when they smell a more smoldering Cinnamon scent!

Thursday's Dessert du Jour
Pumpkin Pie
Glazed Coffee Cake
Cinnamon Buns
Vanilla Chai Tea~Limited Edition
Cinnamon Crunch Cake~Limited Edition

Stay Sweet & 'Spicy' and See You Tomorrow

Lia Schmoldt
Owner/Warm Scent Wearer

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