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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Juggling Social Networking...What To Say??!

I have recently started getting requests from customers to start a Facebook page. They'll send it in the form of an email and some will even mention it in the Comments section when they are placing their order.

Now, I personally have a Facebook page for myself that I set up for friends & family. It's a wonderful tool to re-connect with old classmates, co-workers, and family around the world. But when I started getting friend requests from customers, I decided it was time to change my settings to 'Private' and set something more professional up! Here is a link to the work in progress. Feel free to become a fan or friend or whatever, I promise I will leave the settings open to anyone!:-) :

That now means we officially have a blog (you're reading it now), a Twitter account, and a Facebook page. The questions is, what the heck to write about in all of these places?!! I can barely come up with 140 characters to answer a basic Twitter question let alone having to come up with something more interesting and considerably longer in length for 2 other social sites!

Don't get me wrong, I think I have a lot to say (just ask my husband) but it's coming up with a topic after I've spent the entire day wearing at least 6 other work hats. By the time I actually sit down to work on updates, my brain switches off and my mind thinks ahead to the next day's schedule. So, I sit...and sit...and wait for inspiration to strike like a lightning bolt. Sometimes it does, and other days, no matter how hard I try...nothing.

So, forgive my absence from updating this blog as frequently as I should and feel free to email me on possible topics you'd like me to write about pertaining to our products and company. I am always happy to share insight or suggestions with my readers & customers.

Until next time...

Stay Sweet & Thanks for Reading!


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