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Monday, June 29, 2009

Dessert du Jour...Summertime Creations

Shame on me! Has it really been over 3 months since my last post here?? Well in my defense, it's because we have been SO busy that by the end of the day, my brain is too drained to think of anything interesting to write about!

Busy with what you ask? Brainstorming new product & scent ideas and have realized that there are just not enough days in the year to introduce everything that we come up with but I wanted to let you in on a sneak peek of some of the behind-the scenes creations that we are working on and then thought it would be fun to get your input on things you would like to see us create! I am not going to reveal the actual product names or provide too many details other than to just tell you of the concept so you'll have something to get excited about:

-Bath Bombs: I know many of you were heart-broken when we discontinued the Tubby Time Cupcakes, but we did so for a very good reason. While they were adorable to look at, they were a dud to use. The frosting wound up floating in the bathwater and did not dissolve which to me made it not worth the time or cost. It also was one of the only items we out-sourced and we just got word last week that the company has gone out of business. But not to worry, our new item is SO super fabulous it will blow your mind and I have just made the first trial batch a few minutes ago and know they're going to be a HUGE hit!

-Pedicure Products: Ok, I have been dragging my feet on this one (no pun intended) going back & forth on products, scents, & names but I think we've got it! Again, you will totally love the fun names and the products are outstanding both in quality & performance. We will whip those rough heels into shape!

-Designer Soaps: Totally by accident, we came up with the idea to make our best-selling Soap Cakes in fun & whimsical shapes. While the standard bar is awesome to shower with, these will be smaller, decorative shapes that are designed to sit in a soap dish next to the sink. We guarantee that anyone who goes potty & washes their hands (which we HOPE that they do!) will get a chuckle when they use them!

So, what's YOUR brainy idea? Have you seen a fun, unique, or creative product that you would like to see us carry? Do you have your own idea of a product that you think others would love to use but don't have the means to make your idea a reality? We want to hear! Send me an email at: Lia@TheBodyBakery.com and I promise to personally respond to each submission even if I don't think it's a winner!

I'm waiting to hear from you!:-)

Thanks for reading & Stay Sweet!


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