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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dessert du Jour...YouTube Review

If I had a nickel for every email request that I receive for free products, I would probably be a millionaire a few times over. Everyone from celebrity events to adopt-a-pet auctions to cheerleading fundraisers to people on the other side of the world simply wanting to free samples, it really is a chore to weed through the number of requests that we receive on a weekly basis. So, when we received an email from a girl who posts webcam makeup reviews on YouTube I had to admit, I was a little intrigued.

This wasn't the usual person asking for a handout or donation, but someone who had received numerous requests by viewers to specifically review our products. After viewing her site , I knew that I had to send her products! I found her reviews to, first of all, be genuine
unsolicited testimonials on a wide variety of products from many different companies. Everything from Makeup & Hair to Bath & Body, Irene is a person that thousands of people, each month, look to for advice, tips, and most importantly, product recommendations.

We are so glad to say that Irene absolutely loved the products that she received from us and we are thrilled and honored to share her reviews with you!


Lia Schmoldt




CaliforniaCosmetics said...

It was so sweet of you to send Irene your product to try and review! All of her subs and us gurus truly appreciated being able to see your product up close and it has definitely peaked out interest to try it, especially with the special deal going on with her with ordering. It is so rare in this world to find companies that truly enjoy networking with special people and standing behind their products, so thank you for your generosity towards her and your willingness to try this crazy outlet we've fallen in love with: Youtube.

Angie said...

Hi Lia,
It's Angie from the gym. I enjoyed watching the two videos and left comments too.

I just wrote my review of The Body Bakery products and service on my blog. Hope you'll check it out when you get a chance.