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Friday, January 4, 2008

Dessert du Jour...New Year, Fresh Start!

With the Holiday season behind us, it's time to start focusing on 2008 and all of the wonderful things in store for the upcoming year. Now, I am not one to make New Year's resolutions but instead, I prefer to focus on making small improvements to certain aspects of my life. That way, if I take baby steps, I feel like I've conquered Mt. Everest but if not, no one will ever know because I didn't declare them on December 31st. It's a little psychological trick that I play with myself that keeps me from feeling like I've failed miserably! :-)

Probably the biggest challenge for me will be to focus on getting more organized. I consider myself the most unorganized/organized person I've ever met. I say it with a sense of pride when I know I should probably be slightly embarrassed about it, but oh well! I can literally have stacks of papers covering my desk but yet, if someone asks me to find a specific item, I can find it within seconds. I like refer to it as 'organized chaos'! HaHa

When I was at my Mom's house in Scottsdale recently, she had a copy of a fun little organization book that had ideas and tips for organizing your home as well as your time. Surprisingly, I had already implemented some of the ideas in the book without even knowing it! But I think where I dropped the ball is that you have to continue to maintain the organization on a regular basis, it doesn't stay that way after the first time you do it. Shucks!

Did you make any small, or big, resolutions for 2008? If so, what is your plan for sticking to them? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading and Stay Sweet!


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