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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dessert du Jour...It's a Tween Thing!

The word 'Tween' is a relatively new term to describe girls who are 'in between the child and teen years'. The 'Tween' market also represents a blossoming group of girls, between 8-12, who are ready to be pampered just like their moms and enjoy being treated like little ladies.

Recently, I was told about a new 'Young Ladies Spa', Ooolala, opening up in my area and knew that our line would be the perfect fit. I dropped by, with product in hand, to introduce the Owner, Karie, to the wonderful world of The Body Bakery. She loved it and so did her clients! Her location currently has the largest selection of our products and scents in everything from Cotton Candy to Sparkling Fruit Punch and so many more in between!

Before Ooolala, I had never been in a Spa dedicated to that market. The fun, funky retro decor in bold Pinks and Oranges makes me wish I was a tween again or at least had a daughter to treat to a fun girl's day at the spa for manicures, pedicures, and up-do's!

But, did you realize that the Tween market did not even exist 10 years ago? It is a relatively new, and challenging demographic that is constantly changing and evolving because as quickly as these girls grow, so do their tastes and styles. But as fickle as their preferences in clothing and shoes are, one thing's for sure, they will never tire of pampering themselves with fun and fabulous Bath & Body products... and thank goodness for that!

Is there a Tween Spa in your area? If so, send us a link so we can check it out and give them a plug!

Stay Sweet & Thanks for Reading!

Friday's Dessert du Jour..Feel like a kid again!
Cotton Candy
Bubble Gum Ice Cream
Grape Lollipop
Marshmallow Fluff

Lia Schmoldt
Owner/Kid at Heart

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