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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dessert du Jour...Holiday Cheer!

Since my last post, we have been hard at work behind the scenes getting everything in order for our Holiday update. Each year, as we continue to grow, I seem to forget just how many things need to get done to pull everything together for our biggest update of the year. It's like throwing a party for thousands of people and all of the components needs to come together, at the same time, to make it look effortless. PHEW! Now that it's finished, I can sit back and enjoy the view!

As I'm leaning back in my chair looking at the finished product, I cannot help but to reflect on the bigger picture. Not only are the Holidays a time for celebration, family, and shopping, but December 26th will mark our 6-year Anniversary. To think, it was all sparked by an idea, ignited by my Husband's approval ("Well, if you can do it for 6 months, you won't have to get a job outside the house"), and the flame was lit by my Dad's financial contribution and contact to a Web Designer. Within 5 minutes of my site being live on 12/26/01, I had my first customer and it has never stopped since.

Jill often says to me: "Do you ever step back and take a look at what you've accomplished?" The answer is usually "Not until you brought it up". But the truth is that sometimes I do. When I think of all of the opportunities that have come my way it's humbling: The Ritz Carlton, Club Libby Lu, The Palms Resort & Casino, the Chicago Tribune, and so many others that I have worked with over the years that have transformed and grown my business into what it is today. I am always grateful and appreciative for each and every one of them just as I am my customers. For without them, there is no me.

On a personal level, the Holidays and New Year are also a time for reflection. The ending of old friendships give way to the beginning of new, which are a welcome distraction. They force me to stop working, if only for a few hours, to enjoy laughter and much needed "Me Time" (See previous Post 10/5 for explanation). Whether it's a Girl's Night Out, Bunco, or a few Martini's at Olive Black, they always leave me refreshed and renewed for the next day.

With each passing year, I become increasingly grateful for the important things in my life: Family, Health, Friendships, & Business.. in that order. Because together, they form the foundation for true happiness and success..in life.

Take a minute out of your day to ask yourself the same question that Jill asks me: "Do you ever step back and take a look at what you've accomplished?" Your answer may vary from mine, but chances are, you've come a long way baby!

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Stay Sweet!

Lia Schmoldt

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