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Monday, October 1, 2007

Dessert du Jour...The Sweet Life

Our sense of smell affects nearly every aspect of our life. It is our strongest memory and plays a vital role in our mood, behavior, and emotions. Without getting into the technical details and complex scientific explanation of olfactory connections within the brain, I will describe it by using a simplified formula:

Good Smell + Experience = Positive Memory, Good Mood, Happy Feelings.
Bad Smell + Experience = Negative Memory, Bad Mood, Irritation and/or Frustration.

So, the personal choice I made to focus exclusively on Bakery-scented Bath & Body products was made even easier when, many years ago, I was a Beauty Advisor at Sephora.

As I listened to clients' comments while browsing the vast array of designer fragrances that lined the walls, floor to ceiling, a few common mantras were heard: "Floral scents give me a headache", "I am allergic to perfume", "It reminds me of a funeral", "My husband hates when I wear perfume" and on and on. But when they came upon fragrances with predominant overtones of food, be it Vanilla, Cinnamon, or Sugar, the comments were the exact opposite! Their faces would light up, they would smile, and I would hear: "Oh my Gosh! It smells exactly like Cake!", "My husband is not going to be able to keep his hands off me!", and "I smell like a Cookie!"

Back to my non-scientific formula: Strong, Offensive Floral Scents = Negative Thoughts and Comments, while Sweet, Bakery Food Scents = Smiles, Laughter, Happy Thoughts & Feelings. The decision was made. I would create an exclusive line of custom-made products scented like delicious Desserts and they will better than anything that was available in the retail market at the time.

Nearly 6 years later, I still get the same enthusiastic reaction to the scents that I heard back then and it continues to motivate and inspire me. At shows, women bring their friends over to share in the excitement and enthusiasm of the aromas, I get frequent phone calls and emails from customers who share their stories of being at the office and having their co-workers, both male and female, remark at how their office smells like fresh-baked cookies, and I read the unsolicited reviews from customers who have been desperately searching for alternatives to mass-retail products because of inferior ingredients or inhumane testing policies and they are relieved and excited to have found us.

It is a powerful testament to the connection between fragrance & our world that I am honored to be a part of. The products & scents I create make people happy, smell delicious, and feel soft & beautiful. It is rewarding, humbling, and challenging, but each and every day I am energized to come to work and share my passion and enthusiasm.

When I began writing this blog, I had no idea where I wanted it to go or what I had to say that people would want to read about, but I now have a clear direction that will examine the connections between Fragrance and specific aspects of our life. I will research each topic for accuracy and also make scent recommendations based on the topic of the day. That is why I named the blog: "Dessert du Jour" meaning: "Dessert of the Day". So, please continue to read for topics that you can relate to or even topics that you don't as you may walk away with information that will inspire you to smell & feel delicious!

Monday's Recommended Dessert du Jour:

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Sugar Cookie
Cinnamon Buns
Vanilla Bean Supreme

Stay Sweet & See You Tomorrow,

Lia Schmoldt
Owner/Fragrance Enthusiast

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Linda Wisdom said...

I love fragrances that inspire bakery or maybe just scents that seem like a comfort zone to me. When I'm stressed out I like to pull out something with vanilla or chocolate and stay in the tub for an hour...or three.

And doesn't it say something that the fragrance that grabs a man's attention is pumpkin pie? So smelling all bakery delicious is to a woman's advantage!