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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dessert du Jour...Icky Germs

The local news has recently been focusing on an antibiotic-resistant strain of Staph that is running rampant throughout schools here in the Midwest. They are trying desperately to prevent the spread of it by disinfecting entire schools using a bleach & water mixture that experts say may not be successful.

When asked what is the best way to stop the transmission of the infection their advice was simple: "Wash your hands and if water is not available, use an alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer Gel". Well, guess what that made me think of?? Our H2nO Hand Sanitizer Gelee and our Ready to Bake Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap!

I LOVE the H2nO and take it with me everywhere. Not only is it the perfect size for your purse, but it smells SO much better than any similar product on the market and has moisturizing Vitamin E beads to soften & sanitize your hands. Think about how many times you have been out and about and wished you could wash & disinfect your hands? Well, keep a bottle of H2nO with you at all times and your wish will be granted!

The Ready to Bake Hand Soap is equally effective at killing germs, but designed to stay by your sink for use with water. Recently, I was preparing a gourmet meal in my kitchen (haha, yeah right! Anyone that knows me will be ROTFL because I hate cooking!), ok so not a 'gourmet' meal, but something that was at least somewhat edible, with Chicken, and I couldn't wait to wash my hands! It was a great feeling to know that not only were my hands clean, but germ-free as well!

Cold & Flu season is right around the corner and they say that transmission of both is primarily through touching things with your hands. So, pick up a bottle, or 2, of each to insure that you stay healthy and germ-free this Fall & Winter!

Tuesday's Dessert du Jour
Ready t0 Bake Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap
H2nO Hand Sanitizer Gelee

Stay Sweet and See You Tomorrow!

Lia Schmoldt
Owner/Fragrance Germaphobe

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